Monday, February 23, 2009

Designing Typefaces

The question has often come up this quarter about how to design your own typefaces. My first thought is to ask, how experimental is this? Are you talking 26 letters, or 700 glyphs? A good place to begin would be to read this reference book, Designing Type by David Earls. Then sit down and begin drawing. Oh, and notice how the book title so nicely mimics the font in the title above it!

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  1. I think it poses an interesting parallel that the typefaces are similar, but the one used in the entry title is much more stripped of ornamentation (Georgia) and the book title is much more grand and full (notice the elegant serifs on the "T" and the ear on the "G"). Speaks to the difference between reading on a screen and reading on paper. I don't think it would be entirely appropriate if the typefaces had been switched around (Although, you probably could use a display typeface for the entry title, anyway - which brings up another matter entirely about why seemingly subtle and clean typefaces on paper become more like display type on websites).


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