Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daily Drop Cap

Initial caps are capital letters at the beginning of a chapter which are set larger than the rest of the text. They can be adjusted to make a raised cap, where they sit on the same baseline as the rest of text, or can be set below as a drop cap where they rest on the lines below. They can be very useful if chapters are not named or numbered and can alert the reader that a new chapter is beginning. As in most things with traditional book design, initial caps work best when there is not a lot of different levels of subheads or other ornamentation on the page. Take a look at some of the beautiful handcrafted initial caps provided by the amazing typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische in her Daily Drop Caps series which are updated nearly everyday until she completes the alphabet. They are yours for downloading to be used on blogs and websites so long as you kindly provide a credit.

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