Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can't Believe the Type

As a class exercise this past week, students were asked to design a familiar image using just the letters of either their first or last name. For this "typographical analogy" exercise, students were allowed to repeat those letters of their name and rotate, reverse and even consider the negative shapes and spaces they might create. I threw in the option of allowing just one punctuation glyph (in the same manner as Vanna White might throw in a vowel), and expected them all to complete their artwork within just 30 minutes. They were to look at the shapes and forms of letters and let them suggest an image rather than predetermining something to illustrate. Here are just a few of the delightful results among many. From the top: Ryan Ogborn (Angry Cow with Gun); Tracy Curly, (Sheep); Erin Kendig (Walking Bird with Tailfeathers); Kaitlyn Goodeve (Man Smoking Pipe); Ariana Sigglin (Scorpion); and Chieu Van (Peacock). Typeriffic!

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