Monday, June 14, 2010

Scholarship Winners!

It was with great pleasure to announce to 3 of my design students last week, that they took top honors at the Bookbuilders West judging of their book design projects. Thank you Bookbuilders! Mykhaylo Sinenko received an honorable mention for his portrayal of a comedic Russian novel, called Heart of a Dog. Jee Lee received the very prestigious Steve Renick Award for her sweet rendition of The House on Mango Street. This memorial award, is named after a beloved art director from University of California Press and it is always presented to a student who shows particularly strong typographic etiquette and portrays the author's words in a thoughtful manner. These two students will receive a scholarship of $500 each. The top grand prize of $1000 was awarded to Aaron Bloom for Jules Verne's 20,000 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. There will be an award ceremony in the honor of all 7 award winners from Bookbuilders West held in San Francisco the night of June 23rd. This is the 4th year in a row my book design students have received the top honors for these scholarship awards, and I am thrilled for them all. And by no means can I take full credit, as I am just concentrating on the typography, overall design and layout. Teachers, Chris Sullivan and Claire Cowie have each contributed countless hours of instruction with InDesign, Pre-Press and Illustration, and guest lecturer, Bonnie Thompson Norman has patiently signed on to teach them a one day bookbinding workshop each year as well. But it is these students who are the real stars. Their passion and hard work is it's own reward. See for yourself...

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