Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Tattoo Transfers!

This title spread of Peter Rabbit and Jimmy Chipmunk was 'enhanced' after the addition of transfer tattoos by some eager tattoo artist. A young scout perhaps? Granted, Letterology does not condone the defacement of books, but in this case, the transfer tattoos maketh a far better title page methinks. I found this book yesterday at Powells in Portland and it got me thinking about printmaking with tattoo transfers. 

Tattoo flash goes back many years. Based on the illustration style, these above are likely from the 1930s or 40s. The best part is they are needle free! Not only that—you can change your tattoo as easily as changing your mind simply by washing it off!  
This series of little 'Made in Japan' Lucky Tat-oos Books from the Letterology archives are chock full of flash which can be applied simply by moistening with water. Below is the galactic Tat-oos series and a politically incorrect cowboy and indian series.  

More Lucky Tat-oos old stock from the Lovely & Strange Etsy site and teresatudor.  
Another Letterology find: a sheet of early tattoo transfers from Japan, most likely from the 1940s.

WWII era lick 'em and 'stick 'em temporary tattoos. From paperink and Dull Tool Dim Bulb below. For some really nice contemporary temporary tattoo transfers from by pro designers and illustrators, visit Tattly. Some great stuff!

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