Monday, February 18, 2013

Postcard Presidents

Just back from a week in the Bay Area where I attended the Codex book arts conference, and I will have a lot more to report on it later. Meanwhile, let's take a brief pause to celebrate some heads of state we are honoring on this Presidents' Day holiday.
     Amir Zainorin of Denmark, finds inspiration for his art in everyday popular culture. 
His temporary artworks have a certain mortality, just like the historic figures he illustrates who are found only in history books, on paper currencies, postage stamps and on postcards. For recent works of former world leaders—and Presidents—he temporarily pinned free advertising postcards collected from various restaurants in Denmark to gallery walls as a way to illustrate the current global economic crisis. His portraits of the various world leaders, including both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln see here, were copied from paper currency. 

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