Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Treasures

Front and back (above) of 1950s Fortnum & Mason's Easter catalogs. All of the works seen here were from the brilliant mind of UK artist Edward Bawden (1903-1989).
1955 Fortnum & Mason chicken-shaped catalog.

A "Dumpty Duo" front and back from Entertaining A La Carte by Edward Bawden for Fortnum & Mason.

Linocut illustration for the Fortnum & Mason 1958 Easter catalog. As the card is pulled from the die-cut "chicken coop" sleeve, the chicken eggs are hatched.  
Another F&M eggceptional 1950s catalog.
:: Fabulous Flickr finds from TM114, with eggception to the "chicken coop" catalog above which is from Bedford Gallery via Kotomicreations.


  1. These are absolutely inspiring! Thank you for the share.
    I love your posts :-)

  2. I must come back here, I suppose (jokingly) roll my eyeballs up at you - yes, you! After being bewitched with these fabulous examples of Edw.Bawden's work (of which I was ashamedly unaware), I went on a surfing safari (for lack of a better term) as I often do when caught unawares in art/design, etc. that has maybe been, finally, put to bed!
    I do blather on...sry. I have recently become aware of Mark Hearld and Angie Lewin and fallen in LOVE with their prints. Your Bawden examples fit right in on that skein of thought (yes, sry, 'skein'- a ball of yarn that begins unraveling and leads me down adventures in art, collecting, books, etc) as I came to find out.
    Although it still makes me weep - and it's been 2 days? - I urge you to go:
    If you have that magazine/book, I will trade you for it?!!! I also have been admiring/researching/seeking the two inspirations mentioned in the copy of that page.
    Hours! drooling...and now, $238 later -if the funds are in my acct (I am HORRIBLE at banking) I await not only a beautiful limited edition of The Edw. Bawden/Fortnum+Mason partnership (can't recall exact name), but also a book on Eric Ravilious...OH! and the Antonio Froscani "Kaleidoscope" book!!!
    Did I find that one here too? I can't recall...
    So! Let me know if you've already been aware of the above or if I've shared something new!


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