Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Letter at a Time

Filmmakers Sam Macon and Faythe Levine have spent two years documenting some of the most dedicated sign painters in the trade. With the release of their new film, these often self-taught and highly skilled sign painters will now receive some of the due respect they richly deserve. Many in the profession didn't survive the competing forces of the dismal, cookie-cutter vinyl signage era which proliferated across America for decades. Some that did, have told anecdotal stories of their esteemed trade for the Sign Painters book—just published by Princeton Architectural Press in November—with a foreword by legendary artist and former sign painter Ed Ruscha. Finally, the official trailer for the long anticipated Sign Painters documentary was released just yesterday. The first screening will take place at the Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington DC on March 30th. Look for an announcement of upcoming screenings of the movie in a theater near you soon. If you can't wait, read the book first. The cover was painted by Ira Coyne of Olympia, Washington.

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  1. Passing this packed project on to friends in Colorado- they are hands-on where low is high and high is low. Amazing to see their skill with the brush.


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