Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Airliner Badges Take Winged Flight

These airliner badge designs are featured in a 1955 promotional booklet, Know Your Airliners, published for BP and Shell Oil in England by Brown Knight & Truscott Ltd. As airlines come and go, so do badges. I'm not sure any of these still exist with exception to the TWA logo, originally designed by Raymond Loewy. All the rest of the badges have taken winged flight. Even the Qantas Airways badge has a winged kangaroo (looking more like a flying tyrannosaurus.) This is an earlier 1925 version of the KLM badge/logo. It also took flight a year later.   

The  illustrations for this 1955 booklet were made by Roy Cross, recognized as "the doyen of aircraft artists" by Chris Mullen at the exceedingly dense, yet amazing Visual Telling of Stories site. Mullen deserves a badge just for this incredible design archive.

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  1. Very good find. The Yugoslav one looks like a badge from a Gerry Anderson show…

    I’m unsure about any others but Lufthansa definitely still uses the same stylised crane as shown here.


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