Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Now Playing: The American Sign Printer

Letterology is typically not in the habit of making product reviews, but I'm making an exception today, and giving two thumbs-up for this dramatic production of the American Sign Printer kit by the Superior Marking Equipment Company of Chicago. Originally staged in the 1940s, the colorful art direction and cast of characters built a suspenseful yet familiar plot: young child with lofty ambitions of becoming a successful sign maker, quickly has hopes dashed by diminished expectations. "This American troupe's patriotic production must have been directed by the 'Inferior' Marking Equipment Company", cried some of the blistering reviews. In comparison to the mighty opening credits in the first act, the shrinking performance was considered uninspired and featureless. Unfortunately, even with its large cast of 26 characters and a parade of extras (along with one lone star), nothing could save this play from a short shelf life. Now, nearly 70 years later, the revival of the American Sign Printer is a real sleeper of a hit. It's now playing in limited release. Get one here and here while supplies last!  

Disclaimer: Letterology receives no funding nor commercial loot from independent dealers, and only offers reviews and recommendations as a public service ;)

Okay, they deserve one gratuitous star for casting an outline face. Done!


  1. I love these stamp sets - thanks for sharing! I am always on the prowl for unique stamp sets - here is one I found especially interesting: http://bricolage-julier.blogspot.com/2008/05/fabulous-find-1-vintage-stencilstamp.html
    Also, this one: http://bricolage-julier.blogspot.com/2008/05/fabulous-find-2-vintage-rubber-stamp.html I will have to photograph some of my others and do a post.

    I haven't been visiting blogs as much as I used to - yours has made me realize how much I am missing! Thank you so much for creating such interesting, beautiful and informative posts ~ I will make sure to visit more often!

  2. I seldom get an opportunity to gaze at other sites either, so thank you for steering me your way. I've never seen such a nice set of stamp rollers. You are right about the embroidery connection, although they could very well be for walls too I suppose. A friend of mine gave me several of these rollers which belonged to her French mother, and she did use them for creating embroidery templates. I have some wallpaper rollers which are similar, but much larger, and would like to experiment with them. When I do, I shall add a post.

    PS, I also enjoyed your posts on the stenciled welcome mat and the lovely vintage stencil set. Fabulous! Your site is beautiful. I'll be a return visitor ; )

  3. You are definitely right about that large set of decorative stamps - it is a French wall paper kit. I almost bought it, but passed because it was quite expensive. Luckily, a friend of mine who has a wonderful store (Florilegium) for needlework and antique crafts, bought it and keeps it on display there, so I can visit it! I'll look forward to your post on your roller experiments and whatever else is catching your eye!

    Thanks for your kind compliments about my blog - I wish I could be more focused, but I just can't seem to limit myself to one topic!


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