Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moondoggies Animation

I just love this new music video sent to me by my former student, Amanda Moore. She and her good friend, Drew Christie who did all of the beautiful illustration work in this animation, have been extremely busy. In addition to being a terrific graphic designer, Amanda also has a film school background and has produced a number of very nice animated shorts. Her partner, Drew is a brilliant and prolific illustrator working in a variety of media. Produced as a music video for the band Moondoggies, their video Empress of the North tells the story of love lost in a charming and very heartfelt style. Some of Drew's original hand-painted animation cells and prints will be for sale at the Moondoggies new release party at the Pyramid Alehouse in Seattle this coming Saturday night, October 9th. More of Drew's lovely work is featured on his blogsite, Democracy for the Cartoon. Look for the song, Empress of the North on the Moondoggies forthcoming album, Tidelands, due out on October 13th on Hardly Art. Great stuff!

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