Monday, October 18, 2010

The Two Brilliant Stephens

Attendees at last Friday nights' National Design Awards ceremony were treated to a delightful taped video appearance of Stephen Colbert presenting designer Stephen Doyle with the prestigious Communication Design Award. Doyle took this top honor for his exemplary design of Colbert's book, I Am America and So Can You. Doyle invited Colbert to present the award in-person, but the presentation conflicted with the taping of his show, The Colbert Report. Despite this, Colbert's wacky introduction was a highlight of the evening and "a welcome surprise" according to Doyle. "You could feel the crowd's pleasure-o-meters zip from zero to one hundred." Doyle–who is credited as Colbert's father–later added to the fun by delivering his acceptance speech all in verse. See some of Doyle's nimble handwork in this short video and Colbert's delightful tribute to his dad, Stephen, the brilliant designer. Next time you see this book cover, take a very close look at Stephens' eyes to see more of Doyle's clever sleight of hand.

Machiavelli: The Discourses construction, 2007, Stephen Doyle

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