Sunday, May 15, 2011

The First iRapture

Photo by Amy Rolph/
I'm backkkk. No it wasn't the rapture. It's been a week of grading, business, travel and service interruptions, but I've saved up a few things to post soon. With another anticipated judgement day just a week away, I thought I would share a local sighting of a billboard on Aurora Avenue, one of our finest corridors of signage proliferation in North Seattle. I think if anyone is judged on judgement day, it will be the marketing department of the, the official site of the Family Radio group predicting the end of times next Saturday, May 21st. Don't they know how ridiculous their signage looks with the random alignment and such a goofy layout? And witness their traveling Noah Knew bus and billboard below with the nod to the 2008 Obama campaign and the period in the headline. What's most interesting is that this may be the first iRapture ever. The WeCanKnow people want to encourage the use of technology for witnessing on the 21st. You can download books for the Kindle, organize scriptures and audio commentaries on your iPod Touch and "use internet radio to play the Family Radio from anywhere". Meaning you can listen from heaven or hell? No, I'm afraid that would just be called hell. Sorry class—homework will still be due on the following week.

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