Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Practical Principles

The Title Page designed by Bruce Rogers. 
Preface designed by Peter Beilenson

Designed by Joseph Blumenthal and illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg.
Designed by G. Gehman Taylor and George F. Trenholm. Illustrated by George Trenholm. 

Designed by Edwin and Robert Grabhorn. Illustrated by John Tennial. 

Designed by John Archer and illustrated by Joseph Low.

Designed by James and Cecil Johnson.
Designed by Hayworth Campbell.

Designed and illustrated by Howard Trafton.
Designed and illustrated by John Averill.

Designed by Arthur W. Rushmore.
Designed and illustrated by Raymond Lufkin.

Designed and illustrated by Robert Foster.

Designed and illustrated by Clarence P. Hornung.
Designed and illustrated by Carl Purington Rollins.

Designed and illustrated by Georg Salter.
From an alphabet of tongue twisters originally published in 1836 and revised 100 years later by the Mergenthaler Linotype Corporation. This 1936 edition of Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation was designed and illustrated by some of the most celebrated typographers and designers of the day including Bruce Rogers, Georg Salter, Clarence Hornung, and W.A.Dwiggins among many. See the entire book on view at Dr. Chris Mullen's amazing site, The Visual Telling of Stories.


  1. In the hardcover edition, the Ampersand page is printed on fine grit sandpaper. john.low3@gmail.com

    1. This I would love to see! I'm now off to find a copy...



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