Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Polish Cover Contest

Adam Kilian, Dragon's Battle, 1960
Stanislaw Zagorski, Hole in the Sky, 1959
Jerzy Flisak, I Didn't Tell You, 1961
Janusz Stanny, Brain Puzzles, 1961

If you have any interest in the design of Polish book covers you may want to race over to 50 Watts and check out more of these inspired cover examples posted there. After feeling inspired, you may want to enter your own take on a Polish cover into the design contest 50 Watts is hosting. There is loot and prizes galore, but don't hesitate as entrees are due this coming Friday, May 20th. Judging will be performed by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizieliński, the two editors of 1000 Polish Book Covers (now on my wish list), Peter Mendelsund, book cover designer I would most like to meet and Will Schofield, aka 50 Watts guy and big fan of Polish book cover designs. One can learn so much about design and typography just studying many of these old mid-century book covers. Sometimes spare, sometimes playful, sometimes collaged, sometimes skillfully illustrated and often with a brilliant use of typography and hand lettering. I can't get enough of these cover designs myself.  

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