Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Ain't No Hi-Fi Type

"As the city with the world's largest needle, it's no wonder Seattle has such a strong love affair with vinyl!" So say the sellers of quality used vinyl; Jive Time Records in Seattle, who celebrate music and the designers who package it. If you still have a stereo, I suggest you put a long-playing record on it right now, kick back and visit Jive Time's Cover Gallery activity center where you can shuffle the Stereo Stack of many of the magnificent stereo type banners like those you see above. In the words of the banners themselves: "it's a kaleidoscope-wonderland of hi-fidelity and dual-dynamic vibrancy". Banner artists take note!
      But wait, there is so much more! Project Thirty-Three is Jive Time's shrine to the crazy geometric shapes on album covers and the brilliant designers that made so much of this music come to life. Below are some mostly typographic covers from this gallery: 
Pete King Percussion. Sorry, no design credit.
Admiral Stereo and the Amazing Phantom 3rd Channel. No design credit!

Your Keys to Success, Olivetti, 1968. Design hero not credited, but the resemblance to this 1964 Olivetti poster by Walter Ballmer is probably not coincidence.

Polkas Eddie Zima Style. Design hero not credited.

While you're browsing, don't miss the many gems at Jive Time's Symphonie Fantastique gallery. Here is a sneak preview below:

Haydn Symphony No. 94 in G Major. Designed by the modernist master Erik Nitsche.

Festino with a great design, but again, no credit.

Prokofieff Suites. No credit sadly, but looks very much like the work of Joseph Low.

Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. Designed by the distinguished Alex Steinweiss.

Next stop, highlights from Jive Time's DeFace Value vinyl section:

It's the popular paisley white album. As found by Jive Time's Records.

Not-so-plain Jane. Altered and submitted by John Carroll.  

The Partridge Family Notebook doodles. As found by Jive Time Records.

Neil should have had a leading part in Hair. Altered and submitted to Deface Value by Alex Coxen.

Last stop, the Record Needles, Jive Time Records homage to Century 21 and the beloved Space Needle

No design credit on either of these Needle LPs sadly.

If all this isn't enough, you can inspect the Technical Spectacle gallery of vintage stereo system test record covers; take a walk on the wild side at Abbey Road Rage; or trip on over to Groove is in the Art. Gotta love the vinyl. Thanks Jive Time!
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  1. I would bet the mortgage that the Prokofieff album cover is the work of Joseph Low. The credit is probably on the back. john.low3@gmail.com


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