Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1948 Czech Type Journal

The typ journal was published in Prague and aimed at the printing industry in Czechoslovakia in the first half of the last century. Featured here are 4 issues from 1948. The articles of each issue are mostly text with small spot illustrations and b&w photos of packaging, advertising and display. The advertisements are generally more interesting than the articles it seems, but the modernist cover designs are the main attraction on each issue. The covers are printed 2 colors, always with spare, but playful use of type and illustration. They used no mainstay masthead for the covers, however the titles on each of the 1948 issues I have were always the same font. You can learn more about the journal and catch a glimpse of a few 1947 issues of typ covers, over at Amassblog. They happen to be a little different style even though they are only one year earlier. 
Typ 2
cover design above is by Jiří Srb.

Typ 3 cover design by J. Béza.

Typ 5 cover design unknown.

Typ 10 cover design by Jan Tišnovský.

Page of small ads in back of each issue of Typ.

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