Monday, January 9, 2012

What Books Do While We Sleep

No wonder I have so much trouble locating a specific book when I need it. From the folks at the Type bookstore in Toronto who seem to have an abundance of recreational reading books and a prolonged history of capturing them at play.
::From Quill & Quire via peacay at BibliOddysey.


  1. I do love the tag at the end of the film. I must admit, that while I have a kindle and an iPad, I still but PAPER books Hardcover books to be more specific. Just nothing like holding a REAL book.

    I still enjoy my electronic devices for the convenience they allow. Just the same though..

  2. What a treat! Many thanks for this visual enchantment -- it is SO true: there is nothing like a REAL book ;-) I have bookmarked this to enjoy again *and again!*

  3. I can't imagine the work and time that would take to create. I'm out of breath just watching that. OMG! 2 bookmarks up for that one nice work to whoever juggled all those books.

  4. I have sent this many of my artist friends, Like a kid I keep going back and watching the film.


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