Thursday, January 12, 2012


Who said "there is no such thing as fun for the whole family"? Dave and Johnny Xandegar are a father and son team of Lego artists from Illinois who have quite a portfolio of amusing work at BrixWerx. Their charming blue bookmobile and the library stacks caught my eye here, and they are now busy building a Lego model of a library near their home in Illinois. You can see a BrixWerx beta pix of their library work-in-progress here.
      The first two Lego books below are designed by Guy Himber at V&A Steamworks. It is the first Lego Steampunk book with a fully functional spine and pages (printed in vinyl) which turn. Himber has also designed a much larger Blurb book about his Lego creations called Lego Steampunk. 

Another view of one of Himber's book structure here.

Sweet. A Moleskin blank journal perhaps, with a No.2 pencil? This one is from Starstreak007.


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