Monday, February 6, 2012


All of these self-titled "Calli-collages" are the work of Silvia Cordero Vega of Buenos Aires. The series of the three artworks above are a mix of collage and gestural calligraphy on canvas. Calli-collage or collagraphy? Either way, they are beautiful. See much more of her work on Flickr and her website.   

Mylay (My Lips Against Yours), 2003

Alfabeto, 2003

Fuego, 2003.

Trip, undated. An unfinished collage on canvas from the Trip series. Old papers, rice paper, Japanese ink, cola pen, and gesso on canvas. 

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  1. love all of these pieces,
    love the art of letters and the way you design with them.
    ~julianna w cameron


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