Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fashionplates For Books

Now if I had some fashionable bookplates like these from Mac and Ninny, instead of my casually dressed yellow postnotes tacked on the front boards, I might never have to think twice about my books finding their way home from borrowers.
      Just launched in January in the UK, the duo at Mac and Ninny Paper Company hope to find wider distribution in the US and elsewhere soon. The left and right brains behind M and N are Tony and Victoria Jarratt. Tony creates the lovely illustrations and package designs while Victoria manages the day-to-day operations from their location in Cheltenham. Together they have launched over 60 different bookplate designs and labels which come nicely packaged in colorful paper folders. These handsome bookplates will dress up any cookbook, gardening book, children's book, and more. Available soon here if you are in Boston, and elsewhere in the UK; or maybe in your neighborhood soon.  


  1. AHH! Finaly, the tradition of bookplate has come back!!!! I see a lot of those on the front endsheet of book from 1800's or earlier, and some in the early/mid 1900's. I always love this tradition personally. Most of my clients don't care about keeping bookbinder's marks (or book seller's marks), so I started collecting them. But 99% of my clients want to keep bookbinders marks because it's personal. Although it's sometimes tedious to lift it up when restoring the book,(as a bookbinder's point of view...) I encourage people to put a bookplate on their favorite books, as I'm found of this tradition. I think I should start scanning those old bookplates (most of them are truly beautiful!)and print them out to give away to my clients, or anyone who's interested in it!

  2. "99% of my clients want to keep bookbinders marks because it's personal." is in correct.. What I wanted to say was "99% of my clients wants to keep BOOKPLATES because it's personal."

  3. There is great interest in both of these ephemeral items. If you have saved any of either bookplates of bookbinder's marks, I would love to see them. You should post your collection of them somewhere perhaps. Flickr would be a great place to start and there are a number of groups there who share information on them. It is a bit of work, but they are great fun to view. Thanks for your comments!


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