Monday, February 6, 2012

19th Century Tobacconist Labels

Tobacco label from 1868 for a New York tobacconist. Interesting to find the border echoes an Islamic motif, being that this is a Cuban tobacco product. 

Tobacco label from 1869 for a Cairo, Illinois tobacconist. 

Tobacco label from 1870 for a Savannah, Georgia tobacconist. Señor Fernandez & Bro happily display all of their packaged tobacco products.

Tobacco label from 1871 for a Lawrence, Kansas tobacconist. 
Tobacco label from 1865 for a Connecticut tobacconist. All five of these lovely old tobacco labels are from a collection of the American Antiquarian Society and made available for educational research. Each are remarkable examples of lithography, lettering and illustration which I have not previously seen. 

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