Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Agents of Design

This modernist 1936 British ad seen on eBay recently caught my eye. It is striking for its typography and layout, and it appears the hand is holding an upside-down international women's symbol. (Not sure what that means). So I did a bit of digital digging and uncovered a nice trove of treasures at the London Transport Museum's site: "The Clement Dane Studio was a commercial design company founded in the 1920s. They acted as an agent for graphic designers, fine artists, photographers and illustrators. Artists they represented include Bruce Angrave, David Langdon, David Lewis and Charles Shepard. Clement Dane was the most prolific agency used by London Transport after the Second World War. They produced more than 40 poster campaigns between 1943 and 1966." Below are some examples from London Transport Museum and others where noted. 
A 1935 personal insurance brochure from Mikey Ashworth's Flickrstream. 
A 1948 Olympics poster created for the London Underground and printed by The Baynard Press. From the London Transport Museum via The Telegraph

A 1949 pair of posters designed to be posted together. It was designed by David Lewis for the Clement Dane Studio. He also designed the set below as well.

A 1947 poster informational poster from the Clement Dane Studio. Artist unknown.

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