Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A French Toast to Collage

Every once in a while I like to feature the artworks of illustrators who are doing some really inspired work. French illustrator and designer Mathilde Aubier is one of those young artists currently creating some great digital collage work. Illustrating a children's book is next on her life list, (which would make me happy to immediately add it to my wish list;) Most all of the illiustrated works featured below are created by Aubier, with exception of a few she made in collaboration with her business partner, Christine Delaquaize. Together they form Ma + Chr, an art and design studio in Paris who create works for web, print, identity, textile and interior design.

Le Xeme, a wall artwork designed by Aubier and Delaquaize for Xème Bar in Paris. 

Shapes (and very nice ones I might add).
Random Poem
Nageuses (Swimmers)
Editorial illustration in Maison magazine for an article on bartering.

Sun + Rice Pudding poster created for the MyProvence's exhibition "Carnet de Voyage" at the Espace Beaurepaire in Paris, 2010.
Portion of logo for Nambodai, a Southeast Asian restaurant + bar in Paris. Below are 3 illustrations on seasonal apparel.  

French designer / illustrator Mathilde Aubier is an accomplished illustrator with a beautiful color palette and design sensibility. She truly gets shape, balance + texture principles. Find more of her work on flickr, and a short interview on Etsy. (Prints for sale there too). If that's not enough, her video Tino + Louise will have you wanting for more. 
:: Thanks to Iconoclassic for making me look today. ;)

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