Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic Type Redux

Thou shalt never use a typewriter for evil or greedy gain. "Don't destroy the type!"

From the adventures deep inside the comic book by Four Color Process, comes the seeker of truth about Ben-Day dots, and the lost art of the comic book. This is the first episode of the Letterology Summer Reruns, and one post I have been longing to revisit. John Hilgart, who calls himself "Half-Static | Half-Man", prefers to remain the half-man behind the Ben-Day curtain. Even so, he has much to say regarding the art of comic books and the artists who created them between the 1940s and 1970s—back in the days of mechanical separations of four-color process printing on cheap paper which created the "accidental aesthetics which governed the experience of comics for generations". They were a product of economic times and the limits of the printing technology of the day, and were reproduced in massive volumes and sold for no more than a quarter. I'm pleased to share more images below beyond my original post of April 5th 2011, but I highly encourage further dot-art explorations over at 4CP.    

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