Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So Long Ray

 A tribute to a great man, a great writer and a great lover of books (and cats). Listen to Ray Bradbury speak on writing his first and most celebrated book, Fahrenheit 451, on a rented typewriter. His life's work was motivated by curiousity and a love for reading and books, and he shares this same spark and offers words of encouragement "to do what you love" with great passion. What a dear man...who is nearly upstaged by his cat in the end. And many thanks to Maria Popova at Brain Pickings for calling this video to my attention. 
      In 2007, my student Darcy Kries chose to redesign the book Fahrenheit 451 for her book project in my Type III class. I never shared her book design on Letterology in the past, as this took place long before I began this column. In Mr. Bradbury's honor I want to share it here now, as it is still one of my favorite of student book designs. And of course this book has one of the greatest of opening lines ever (as seen in the last photo below). Stay tuned soon for more student book design work in the near future at this same location. 

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