Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tin Toy Bookmobiles

This Letterology Summer Rerun is from nearly a year ago, on July 11th. Benjamin Clark of the Exile Bibliophile found this Japanese toy bookmoblie on eBay in 2008 and saw that it closed for $710 at the time. According to the seller, "The Children Books Service Car" as it is called, is most likely from the 1950s and made for the American market. However it's still missing the personalized license plate: ABCBOOK.
     Since my first post of this beautiful tin toy bookmobile a year ago, I've found only one other which was donated to the Tennesee State Museum. It was evidently created to be a replica of the 1950s Ford V-8 delivery van used by the Tennessee Regional Library, and came fully loaded with two sliding front doors and a hinged rear door that worked. No mention if it included stacks of miniature books or a tiny librarian. 


  1. I wonder if my Nancy Pearl action figure would fit inside?

  2. Doh! Of course she would! How could I forget about Nancy!


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