Monday, August 13, 2012

Artful Engraving

Neenah Paper and Cranes have joined forces to introduce a new site devoted entirely to The Beauty of Engraving. The gallery offers current examples from designers and printers and further digging provides useful information on choosing papers and tips on preparing artwork for engravers. As it is one of the oldest printing processes, a nice bit of history is included for context. You can also submit your own work for their gallery and order a copy of the first beauty of engraving print sample below while supplies last. It is designed by Christine McMahon of Two Paperdolls and printed on Crane's Lettra paper by Artistry Engraving & Embossing Co. Nice work!

Copper engraving plate used for the limited edition print.

A Green promotion piece for Artistry Engraving in Chicago, designed by Thirst. It is printed on Arch Vintage Rag paper made from 100% recycled clothing.

A perpetual calendar designed by Moscato Design and printed by Artistry Engraving & Embossing Co. Below are 2 examples from a vintage monogram sample set printed by Dempsey & Carroll engravers.
::Thanks to Armin at Quipsologies No. 36 for this engraving goodness.


  1. Great post and some wonderful links!

  2. Beautiful! Letterpress has been so hot lately, it's like people forgot all about engraving.

  3. And there will be even more buzz about it soon, when Nancy Sharon Collins' new book, "The Complete Engraver" will be released. It comes out next week!


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