Friday, August 31, 2012

Literary Table Napkins

Enjoy the company of four of the world's greatest writers at your dining table. This set of four cotton napkins featuring the typewritten letters of Jack London, Emily Dickinson, D.H. Lawrence, and Mark Twain will enliven any meal. Never mind that Emily Dickinson's loveletter to Susie was written about ten years prior to the invention of the typewriter—it  will melt your heart. Mark Twain's note to a young child named Joy will make you rethink every letter you have ever written. "The idea of your house going to the wanton expense of a flower garden!—aren't you enough? And what do you want to go and discourage the other flowers for? Is that the right spirit? is it considerate? is it kind? How do you suppose they feel when you come around—looking the way you look? And you so pink and sweet and dainty and lovely and supernatural? Why, it makes them feel embarrassed and artificial, of course; and in my opinion it is just as pathetic as it can be."
      However clever and irresistable, this set of four literary letters are only available from Anthropologie for a ridiculous sum, and the cotton cloth is much too thin. It seems far too high a price to pay for keeping good company, but then again, good friends are indeed priceless.


  1. The idea of taking heartfelt words and wiping your mouth after a messy bite of salmon maks me a little uncomfortable.

  2. Point taken Ryan, but you take me much too literally ; )

  3. The Mark Twain letter is just darling! Imagine a child receiving such letter. For us people that love to read, is a great idea. (Beats reading the cereal box).


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