Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hispano Olivetti

To accomodate international growth in 1929, Olivetti opened its first manufacturing plant outside Italy where they produced typewriters and other office machines. What followed were some of the most celebrated promotional posters in the 20th century from many of Europe's most accomplished designers. 
1959 Pintori Giovanni poster for the Olivetti 82 Diaspron. From Un Deux Trois.
Pintori Giovanni's 1950 for the Lexicon 80 from Un Deux Trois

Another Pintori Giovanni from 1960. From Un Deux Trois.
A 1940 poster by A.Gil from Designpedia.

Faster than a speeding typewriter; an 1923 art deco version of the sleek black Olivetti typewriter of the day, by A.Bresciani.  
Spanish version of the famous Olivetti typewriter poster by Raymond Savignac, 1954. From Un Deux Trois.
A 1930 poster by E.Kiss. From Biblioteca Digital Hispanica via Flickr.
A 1950 poster for the Divisuma Adding machine from some unsung design hero. From Un Deux Trois

Nizzoli Marcello poster for Olivetti, 1950, from Un Deux Trois.

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