Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Jell-o Shots

What's more American than jell-o except Presidential profiles in red and blue jell-o? Artist Henry Hargreaves recently released this infographic of Presidential portraits with red/blue indicators of their political divide. In addition to the red and blue colors of the Republicans and Democrats, the key also indicates that left-facing presidents served one term only (Obama is right-facing mind you), the smaller silver stars indicate they died in office and the jell-o splatters signal their assassination.
     If you are hosting an election night party, consider preparing one of these sort of presidential strawberry or blueberry gelatinous desserts to your guests. For a real crowd-pleaser, just add a little vodka or tequila to the mix and you've got jell-o shots for the entire crowd.
     Hargreaves may also be familiar to you as the character who created the blackletter Bacon Alphabet, and the amazing toasted icons—white bread portraits of the rich and famous. I smell a food theme here. Hmmm...jell-o shots with toasted blackletter crudites?
     Best way to learn more about Henry Hargreaves is to watch this space. A big hat tip to Cool Hunting for an earlier report on his story. Meanwhile, make your vote count today!  

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