Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make the Yule Type Gay

Now this theatrical typography makes me happy! Letters of all stripes, slants, size, shapes and scripts brighten up any holiday. All of these inspired greetings were illustrated by highly skilled and talented artists, who often remained nameless. Their lettering was illustrated by hand with many of the concepts often repeated, such as the candy cane-striped lettering, ribbon type, musical note type, and the smokey letters from candles. However, their unmistakeable charm remains. The greetings displayed here are just a few of the Flickr gems which caught my eye recently. The handlettered novelty clown type above is from here, while the candy cane greeting below is from here.

The Christmas candy small caps above are from here. The next eleven handlettered greetings below, and many more are available here.

Candy cane condensed, courtesy of ContraryMary. The musical santas below are from Calsidyrose and RoadsidePictures in that order. 

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