Monday, December 24, 2012

Matchbook Greetings

This sloshed snowman on skis is about to get slushed.
::From MADsLucky13 Flickrstream 

This Snoboy brand trademark has been around since 1925. He was the second generation of Snoboys, and the first to wear red earmuffs. Born in 1960, he eventually retired—or melted in 1985—which curiously, was about the first time I heard the words "global warming" muttered. His successor pales in comparison and looks like he should be selling toilet paper.
::From the Letterology Archives

The DeJur Corporation from Connecticut, and later New York, was a manufacturer of photography equipment, which originally began in the 1920s. Both of these cover designs are from the 1940s. The image immediately below is the interior of the one here.
::From Roadsidepictures Flickrstream 

From the Old Bookbinder's Restaurant in Philadelphia, which first opened their doors in 1865 and had a very storied history until it filed for bankruptcy in 2009 and was forced to close. There is still a Bookbinder's Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia however.
::This, and all the covers below, are kindly shared from Neshachan's Flickrstream.   

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