Friday, December 28, 2012

Steer Clear for A Great New Year

Just last week I came upon this new calendar printed by Norman McKnight of the Philoxenia Press in Berkeley, CA. Not only was the design and printing very beguiling, but the lovely 19th century vignettes with the handsome lettering on each page particularly appealed to me. I contacted McKnight to inquire if I might purchase the calendar, and he replied in kind by sending me one of his last remaining copies. The 7.5 x 9 inch calendar is handsomely printed on beautiful Rives Heavyweight paper, and sewn with a pamphlet stitch. McKnight printed it on his foolscap folio Albion hand press and writes an engaging account of the process on his Ephimeros tumblr. He explains the interior text is set in 24 point Rhapsodie for the days of the week and 24 point Bologna for the numerals. The copper blocks seen below are 19th C originals, and in very good shape I might add. During this era, many "monthly vignettes" of this nature were commonly used in almanacs and generally had a theme to them. I can't help finding delight in the theme of these illustrations which reveal a different calamity and mishap for each new month—as life is fraught with curve balls! However it can't be all so harsh—not when you have the winter months to anticipate some wonderful frozen letters and a Fall display of handsome rustic-lettered months. With much gratitude to Norman, for this nice calendar! And I wish all of you a very productive and rewarding new year!

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