Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Corn Lettering From Space

In 2002 French architect Edouard Francois designed Labyrinthus, in collaboration with Luc Vincent as part of an invitational corn maze design. It was a tribute to French author Victor Hugo. With the aid of digital mapping, corn mazes have become a cash crop for farmers. With a simple image search for corn maze, dozens of mazes will pop up there. Most are giant sports team mazes or political candidates; mazes with sponsorship from local car dealerships; and Star Wars. There is even an Oprah maze and a giant fingerprint. Much of the lettering is what I would call a Corn Gothic, with an occasional italic tossed in for emphasis I guess. And the navigation of corn typography certainly takes on a different role than text does in print or on screen. I know mazes require a wayfinding path between letters most often, but would it kill the designer to use a script font now and then? Readability from space people! For some real topographical typography, get a fine lettering artist to do the job. Even the directionally challenged might better be able to find their way out then...provided they can spell. From seeds of great lettering artists, grand designs can grow. Do plant soon however.

Labyrinthus by Edoardo Francois and Luc Vincent. Just below, the Fritzler Family Farms offers up Peyton Manning and the US Department of Defense. Must be in defense of corn mazes?

The Kraay Family Farm in Alberta established the Guinness world's record for the largest QR code. Just below are two mazes (found here and here) from the Jonamac Orchard Farm. The Boy Scouts were probably required to use a compass to find their way out of their maze.

In hopes that you find your way, the Willamette Valley Fruit Co. grew a 13 acre corn maze. And Batman leaves Gotham long enough to stand guard as the Maze Crusader at the Basse's Farm

You will never get out of this one alive. From the makers of high fructose corn syrup via NBC News.

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