Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bet You Can't Print Just One

Novelty stamp pads and printing sets have long been familiar toys for young children, and often were the first introduction most of us had to the world of printing and moveable type if you came of age before computers (BC.) The pleasure of printing multiples of anything by hand endowed us with a certain privilege and entitlement. Even the lowly potato gained a lofty respect the first time I discovered it was a printmaking tool. I wouldn't trade an entire plate of french fries for that moment. 

Yes kids, 1935 was a world without spellcheck. 

All stamp pads and sets displayed are from the Letterology Archives with exception of the most Excellent Self-inking Stamp Pad, currently on eBay. The Dutch Drukkerij set, and the King Novelty Stamp Set, were both eBay posts from long ago. Oh, and Mr. Potato Skull here, who has undoubtedly made the best impression of all.  


  1. I grew up in the age of computers, but still love rubber stamps! I've got a couple alphabet sets that I have used since I was little to make thank-you notes and birthday cards for people. Nice post!


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