Friday, September 20, 2013

First Class Travel

Taking a leisurely trip back to Czechoslovakia to see some first class luggage labels. I do hope the Hotel Esplanade has a giant red M with a real fountain, just like on their label. Most all the labels displayed here are available for sale at this time.
::This souvenir is available here.

::Praja Hotel Atlantic is available here.

::Hotel Koruna is available here. 

::Available here.

::Another CSA label from here.

Two versions of the Hotel Jalta luggage label from different sources. Version one on left is available here. Version two on right is available here

 :: ::Hotel Continental is available here. 

::Available here.

:: Available here.

::Available here.


  1. I absolutely love these labels. Sadly there's no fountain in front of the Esplanade Hotel in Prague -- I had a little look at it on Google Street View.
    Lovely images, thank you.

  2. It's wonderful to have such resourceful readers like yourself Jane. Thanks for sharing!


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