Monday, September 23, 2013

The Eskimo Book

The Eskimo, a 15-page scrapbook, has long been sold off on Etsy, but I find the book so endearing I wanted to include it here. There is no name or age given, but it is said to be made as a class project in the 1930s, rendered with construction paper, crayon, pencil, and ink. A close look at the hand-cut letters on the cover reveals some clever production handwork, as it appears this young student folded some of the symmetrical letters (The H, E and O) in half before cutting them out. I'm not sure what the intention of the four cornerpieces were, however the choice of the muted color palette perfectly suits a book on the Eskimo, as in theory, these monochromatic colors typify the landscape of the frozen North. I think the standout image of the entire book is by far, the 3-legged black polar bear silouette. It's a stunning design—almost postmodern in concept with it's simplicity—though my guess it was copied from a photo. None-the-less, it was very perceptive to willingly illustrate a polar bear in black on white, which is contrary to our very notion of one, but it works beautifully. I hope the teacher gave this kid an A+ on this book. It is well-deserved.

To see more kids book art, checkout the former Letterology links on The Story of Paper and the original AutoFaceBook.


  1. So glad you shared this last peek at the Eskimo book. Love the paper detailing. Visiting from over at where we love all things stationery and lost art of letter writing

  2. Thanks for surfacing here Barb. I'm happy to learn about your site!

  3. this was from my etsy shop a few years back. and now you're making me sad i sold it.


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