Thursday, January 2, 2014

Old Designs on a New Year

A 1932 New Year's poster from Ricard Giralt Miracle (1911-1994), who was one of Spain's greatest 20th century designers. 
::Source: Paul Malon

A New Year's Wish from the office of (Ladislav) Sutnar + Hall. The last panel reads: 

The new year holds a challenge for better living. With good will, we can make use of our expanding knowledge to create new, wondrous environments and leisure for human growth. And thus, you and I can achieve the world of our dreams. 

Sutnar and Hall
circa 1948-50
::Source: Herb Lubalin Study Center  

A 1960 New Year's card from Swiss modernist designer, Walter Marti. Text at bottom reads:

Wish you a happy 1960. Walter Marti-Süess family
::Source: Herb Lubalin Study Center


  1. I love the first design, by Miracle (what an appropriate name). Too bad 1932 wasn't actually that "feliz." I wonder if the number blocks (typesetting pieces, right?) are a photograph or a drawn graphic?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, but am pretty convinced the metal type are all photographs. Miracle is someone I hope to report on again sometime. He deserves far more recognition!

  2. These are beautiful designs. Thanks for sharing.


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