Monday, May 19, 2014

Word & Letter Play

A 1910 spelling game from Germany. 
Bonus points kids for texting in black letter! Hint: mind the word gaps. 
Source: Antique Pool

A rewarding game of wordmaking and taking from 1877 with an 
even more rewarding wood engraved label design.
Source: The Big Game Hunter

A charming crossword game from 1954.
Source: Etsy Paper Creations

 A French wordgame of strategy using letter tiles.
Source: Etsy lestrictmaximum 

Construct the alphabet and a cottage tower at the same time with 
The New Alphabet Game from 1850.
Source: The V&A Museum 

The Super Spelling Card Game from Sylabex.
Source: Etsy Kipperbone 

Scrabble's 1972 Alphabet Game featuring a questionable 
child labor practice of lugging large letters.
Source: eBay

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