Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Tin Toy Typists Tirelessly Tapping

On occasion of today's 146th anniversary of the typewriter patent, these two typing ladies recount its history while sitting with their textbook posture tirelessly tapping away. Both of these mechanical novelty toys are made of litho embossed tin measuring only 2.5" wide. By squeezing the mechanism on the reverse, the woman's arm and hand move up and down at the keyboard, producing a loud clicking sound. A small prong at the bottom permits each to stand upright. One is from Germany and designed and printed with greater detail. The second, nearly identical typist with the deco-patterned dress is from Italy. Both were sold recently in separate auctions from Hake's Americana & Collectible auctions for undoubtedly more than their original cost. You go girls!


  1. These tin toys are completely cool! Such style they have while typing away. 146 years, I would not have known this. Thanks for sharing. I just had to 'tweet' it away.

    1. My pleasure! I like to think that they're tweeting away too!


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