Monday, August 8, 2011

Novel Biscuit Tins

1901 biscuit tin of 8 novels from the Victoria & Albert Museum.
English biscuit tins made—where else—but in Reading, for Huntley & Palmers, one of the world's largest biscuit manufacturers founded in 1822. They also created one of the first global brands. As their biscuits were exported around the world, the various biscuit tins became highly visible and collectable and proved to be a powerful marketing tool for Huntley & Palmers.
      Below is a 1930 biscuit book tin from the Huntley & Palmers Collection with red simulated leather binding and gold tooled design. It has a hinged front cover.

Early 20th century biscuit tin label from the H&P Collection
1958 catalog of Presentation Tins from H&P Collection.

Advertising leaflet from 1890s from H&P Collection.

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