Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Russian Storybook Redux

Last month I reported upon two beautifully illustrated Russian childrens' books and had lamented that I was unable to read either of them. A kind reader forewarded an excellent English translation onto me today of the first book, and a brief of the second book. The first book is actually a children's art book published in 1971, and is titled Drawing By Lines, by Russian poet S. Porgorelovskyi. The translated text is provided in or near each spread below, and as always, images are clickable. Thank you Volkov Evgeny! I didn't think it was possible to love this book more, until now.
      The second book which you can find in my original post is titled Choose Any Horse, and it is about two children who ride the the world over to see if there is a horse better than their own. They meet a clay horse, a gingerbread horse, wooden and paper horses, and a very good horse in a capital city. In the end, they decide that their horses are the best, because they are their's alone.

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