Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Animated Sentence

Another stunning illustrated short from local Seattle artist, Drew Christie for electric literature, promoters of writers and the short story. Inspired by one selected sentence, Drew animated a short for Nathan Englander's story, The Reader, about a discouraged author haunted by his one remaining reader. Combined with the moody music of Michael Guggino, his short animation sets the tone of a haunting landscape and I wonder if Englander's story can measure up to this dreamy sneak preview. Drew is an amazing talent of many skills and comes by his first name quite honestly. He is a prolific artist and would often turn out drawings on every page of old discarded books for his animated shorts. He tells stories by drawing on historical events such as the assassination of Lincoln which took 12 entire paperback books to complete. His lovely music video for the Moondoggies song, Empress of the North, is a must see. I posted it here a little over a year ago. So is History is Us, his short animation for the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle. To see far more of Drew's drawings, check out Democracy for the Cartoons. Some mighty fine work there!

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  1. That's a great animated way of story-telling. Especially keeping it monochrome!


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