Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating Chromolithography

Packaging for Gilbert pencils.

Cover of a how-to book of sign painting. 

Promotion for the Marinoni steam-powered lithography press from 1883. It was used for newspapers and the printing of large posters from many of the famed 19th and 20th century ateliers in Paris. Based upon the detail of the printing, I presume this is a poster, most likely printed on the Marinoni press. 

Advertisement for the color printing of C. Adrien. 
From a book celebrating the invention of the chromolithograph printing process said to be invented by Charles Godefroy Engelmann in 1837.
      All of these early color lithograph examples are from a 2007-8 exhibit on chromolithography held at the Mus
ée de l'Imprimerie in Lyon. You can see a few more items from the exhibit here

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