Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Treats

Cloudland, a witches' waltz from the Spellman Collection of Victorian Music Covers at The University of Reading. 
Paganini's Witches' Dance from M. Ryan Taylor's collection of Halloween Sheet Music at Thirteen for Halloween. With exception of the following photo, all other songsheets below are from the Thirteen for Halloween collection. Below is a photo of the another edition of the same sheet music as above, but from my own collection which is litho printed only one color.  No publishing date on it, but the songbook containing it is dated 1907. Loving the rustic lettering on this one, but how hard is it to kern stick letters?

Electro Man here in the Superhero costume could be a dead ringer for Stephen Colbert in tights...

And just 'cause it's witchcraft, I give you Sinatra's Witchcraft songsheet from the Frank Sinatra Impersonator Blog. Happy Halloween from Letterology!

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