Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Tired of that same old forgettable e-mail message in Arial? Nostalgic for old technology and real postage stamps? Want to make a unique impression with your correspondence? Now you can with the new Type-O-Matic monospaced typewriter service. Just feed your text and mailing information into the official Type-O-Matic order form, and your lovingly hand-typed letter will arrive in your recipient's mailbox within days. For just £9.50 (approximately $15 US) your letter will be typewritten (up to 200 words) on white watermarked heavyweight writing paper with matching envelope and can be mailed anywhere (with appropriate Air Mail postage if necessary) to your recipient. Your confidentiality is assured and your letter may be sent anonymously if preferred. Any language using a Latin-based alphabet is available for this service, but spell-checking and silly cat photos are not included. For more details you can read the T-O-Ms' FAQs page.
      The face behind Type-O-Matic is Rob Bowker of Typewriter Heaven in the UK—and  the Typosphere. Rob is a long-standing advocate of the manual typewriter and has a stellar collection of working machines which will be the "print engines" driving the Type-O-Matic mailing service. You can see two of his workhorses below along with a sample letter from Stephen Fry. I'm tempted to place an order to send myself a letter—just to recall the happy feeling of finding a real letter in my mailbox with actual monospaced characters impressed upon the page once again.

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  1. Hi Jennifer, thank you for giving Type-O-Matic a helping hand!


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