Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid-Century Czech Tech

Print materials for various Czechoslovakian technical manufacturers in the 1960s. All of these materials are available for purchase at the online bookstore 108 Buddhas in Prague. This bookstore has an amazing inventory of 20th century books, magazines, journals, children's books, posters and ephemera of Czechoslovakia which are well-catagorized and a delight to review. The cover above for the Nahrávame na Magnetofóne, was designed by Alfred Cerno in 1966.

Brochure cover design for the Magnetofon Tesla Sonet B3. 1962? No design credit unfortunately. Below are interior pages. The Sonet B3 looks like a lean, mean, mint green tape machine. A classic by any standards, just like the brochure!   

I believe the cover and interior page above are from the technical journal Mladý Technik, from the 1960s. Volume 3 in the series, above, is from 1962 and designed by Antonin Dvorak. The nicely designed layout for the interior page is an article on film cameras. Below are 2 more volumes also designed by Dvorak.

Cover design for the Magnetofon Sonet Duo from 1966.

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