Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Put A Bird On It

Today's feature is a flock of birds on various title pages. Just above is one of Edward Bawdens' title page designs for Ambrose Heath's 1935 Good Soups Cook Book. See more of Bawdens' beautifully illustrated covers, title pages and linocut decorations for the series of Heaths' cook books on Ian Beck's site
:: Found at Full Table

Birds of the United States, 1882, by Thomas Gentry. Includes 54 chromolithographs from drawings by Edwin Sheppard of American birds, nests and their eggs.
:: Via Antonio Raimo Galleries
Title for Little Bird Red & Little Bird Blue, 1861, by James Gregory. Woodcuts by N. Orr and Co. NY. 
:: From the Letterology Archives

Title for A History of The Earth and Animated Nature, 1850, by Oliver Goldsmith. Sorry, but this image is from the land of lost links.

Title page for Birds, 2009, with words by Christine Fisher and illustrations by Jeffrey Fisher

Title page for Japanese Fairy Tales, 1904, retold by Teresa Pierce Williston.
:: From the Letterology Archives.

Above is the title page for the King Penguin book Garden Birds, 1945, by Phyllis Barclay-Smith. The vignette illustration on title page and the cover illustration below are by Sylvia Varley.
:: Via Purple Podded Peas, a nice blog about the garden, the landscape and inspiration.

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