Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moving Pictures

Every so often I like to share examples of movable books, as this is   a topic dear to my heart. Presented here is just a small portion of a remarkably preserved collection of movable books from the 18th and 19th centuries which all happen to be going up for auction today, November 21, 2011, at Ketterer Kunst in Hamburg, Germany. Estimated values are between $200 to 2000. As you can probably guess, I am also a big fan of the circus-themed books. 
      The cover above is an Italian movable book from 1890. It has 4 color lithographed plates with movable elements in good condition. Immediately below is an interior image from this book. The following 2 images are from a French edition with the same artwork printed in 1900, but it goes by the name Boum-Boum du Cirque d'été.

The Fairy Ring, by H.M. Burnside published in 1900. Printed 6 colors, with rotating plates and 18 illustrations by T.J. and E.A. Overnell. 

Le Polichinelle des Champs Elyseés from 1880, presumably 1st edition with 8 color lithographed plates with movable elements. Reminds me vaguely of some of the Push Pin Group's work nearly 100 years later. 

The Monkey Theater, 1894, by Lothar Meggendorfer. 1st English edition of this movable picture book. The image immediately below is one of the full page illustrations with movable elements.

The Model Menagerie, published in 1895 by Nister and Dutton in London, with 6 color lithographed pop-up plates and 26 illustrations by Weedon Foster. 

The Magic Boat, 1935, 1st English edition of the Zauberboot, first published in 1929. A book to turn, move and alter. Numerous illustrations. Some with 2 pulling mechanisms and 1 with rotating mechanism as well as 1 red foil. 

Cinema Book from 1926. 1st edition with 19 (12 full page) illustrations and Cinemascope viewer with red and blue foil for 3D effect. When not in use the cinemascope viewer can be tucked in the small mounted flap on front endpaper. Value estimated at $945 / 700 Euro.
Hurra! Hurra! 1920, extremely rare, with proof of only 1 other copy in the library of the Brunswick TU. Well preserved functioning movable book. 

Le Cirque Arlequino, 1920, rare fully functioning copy of this book.

Artistic Pussy, 1890 by Lothar Meggendorfer (1847-1925), a gifted German illustrator and inventive paper engineer. This is a rare 1st edition with 6 color lithographed plates with movable elements and 8 illustrations.

Les transformations animées, 1900, presumably 1st edition with 8 convertible color lithographed plates and 23 illustrations. Fully functioning copy of this movable window shade format.  
Transformation Pictures, 1891, illustrated by W. Foster and G.H. Thompson. British 1st edition with 6 transformable color lithographed plates and 12 illustrations throughout. Fully functioning version of this window shade movable format.
Changing Pictures, 1893, 1st edition with convertible color lithographed plates by E.S. Hardy, L. Lawson and G.H. Thompson. Fully functioning window shade movable format.

Lampart's Lebendiges Bilderbuch, 1862 rare edition of this lively German movable picture book. With 8 colored woodcut plates and movable elements, considered a masterpiece by Meggendorfer.

Le Nouveau Cirque, 1890, French, presumably 1st edition and fully functioning.
Only to Say How Do You Do, 1890. Designed in England by Raphael Tuck & Sons, and printed in Germany. Color lithographed leporello with title and 5 circus scenes.

At the Circus, 1910 1st edition from the series The Moving Picture Books

ABC-Bücher, 1st edition German alphabet book from 1835. Estimated value of this book is $2700 / 2000 Euro.
L'Ombro-Cinéma, 1920. Optical game with 2 silhouette image rolls, 1 foil with street scene (mounted on wooden frame) and 1 figurative cardboard sheet. Estimated value is $1620 / 1200 Euro.
Neues Kasperltheater, 1905, with comic illustrations by Lothar Meggendorfer. 2nd Edition of the book originally published in 1904.  

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